VBC Capital One Affinity Cards Are Here

Monday, January 21, 2013 8:25 AM | Anonymous member

VBC has been working with the Capital One Card Lab Connect Program to be part of their affinity card program.  Not only can you have a nifty Visa card with the VBC logo or a cool rowing picture (you have three options), but VBC will receive a donation for every purchase made with the card.  It's another way to support your club.

Click here to apply for the card.

Further Details on the VBC Capital One Affinity Card

What is Capital One Card Lab Connect?
Capital One Card Lab Connect is a credit card program through which you support a non-profit organization through your everyday purchases. When you make purchases with a participating organization's card, that organization receives donations for all of your purchases.

If I apply for a Card Lab Connect program credit card, will anyone from the organization I support have access to my information?
No. Capital One respects the privacy of its customers, so no cardholder or applicant names, card numbers, approval status, or credit lines will be shared with the organization.

What are the terms of a Capital One Card Lab Connect program credit card?
Detailed product terms can be found by clicking Apply Now on the Web page.  As a result of the recent regulation changes this summer, VBC cannot state any product terms to potential cardholders.

How does the organization I support get the rewards I've earned on the Card Lab Connect program credit card?
A percentage of all purchases you make are put into a rewards account. Capital One will automatically transfer the cash rewards to your designated organization on a quarterly basis.

Will I be informed about the amount I'm contributing to the organization I support through Card Lab Connect?
You will be sent a quarterly confirmation letter that lists each contribution made from your card.

Can I redeem the Card Lab Connect cash rewards for myself instead of donating them to the organization?
Because we transfer your rewards once per quarter, you will be able to redeem your rewards for yourself only if you do so before we process the contribution.

Who pays the Card Lab Connect cash rewards donation to my organization?
Capital One pays the donation based on a percentage of all your total net purchases.

Are the contributions tax-deductible?
The tax deductibility of your contribution is dependent on the status of your organization with the IRS. In general, if the organization is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 then the contribution should be tax deductible.  VBC has 501(c)3 status with the IRS.

Please note that the $50 First Purchase Bonus is not tax deductible.

Be sure to consult your tax advisor to determine exactly how tax laws may apply.

Can I transfer balances from other credit cards to a Card Lab Connect program card?
Yes, you can transfer balances to a Card Lab Connect program card, but no rewards will be earned on transferred balances.

What if I currently have a Capital One credit card and I want to join a Capital One Card Lab Connect program?
If you want to carry an organization's credit card, we invite you to apply for it. However, if you don't want an additional credit card, you can use your current credit card to donate to over 1.2 million organizations, without paying any processing fees, at our No Hassle Giving Site.

I'm already a Capital One Card Lab Connect program cardholder; can I switch my support to a different organization?
No, at this time we can't switch the organization your card supports. If you want to support a different organization, you'll need to apply for that organization's card, or use another Capital One Rewards credit card to donate rewards at our No Hassle Giving Site.

How do I apply for an organization's Card Lab Connect program credit card?
Return to the Card Lab Connect Web page of the organization you want to support, select your design, and click Apply Now.

Can the credit card for the organization I support through Card Lab Connect be used internationally?
Any organization's card may be used internationally, anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.
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