Backwards Movie Challenge

Monday, October 01, 2012 8:21 AM | Anonymous member

THE "BACKWARDS" MOVIE CHALLENGE: SUPPORT A ROWING FILM! Rarely are there films with rowing in them...and less that have rowing as the centerpiece of the film.  (I can count them on one hand!).  Take a look at the below challenge and overview from the film's executive producer, Sarah Megan Thomas. 
BACKWARDS, a feature film about rowing and starring James Van Der Beek, Margaret Colin, Glenn Morshower, and Sarah Megan Thomas is now complete and ready for distribution.

Rowers, athletes, competitors, Romantics, Dawson's Creek lovers out there --  help us create the buzz to get this movie into theatres nationwide!

You can sneak preview the film's official trailer on our Facebook page:

View the trailer. "Like" the film's page on Facebook! Spread the word. The "LIKES" are important as the more Facebook Page "LIKES" the sooner BACKWARDS is in a theatre near you.

BACKWARDS tells the story of Abi, a fiercely competitive rower, who fails to make the Olympic boat and reluctantly takes a coaching job at a high school where her boss happens to be her ex- boyfriend. When given a chance to rejoin the Olympic team, Abi confronts the personal sacrifices and professional choices that impact the world of athletes with Olympic ambitions.
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