Rocketts Landing Sprints Regatta

  • Saturday, June 22, 2013
  • Rocketts Landing
On June 22nd, the Virginia Boat Club hosts the 9th annual Rocketts Landing Sprints. The event consists of 1000 meter sprints along the historic James River waterfront in downtown Richmond, ending at Rocketts Landing. The regatta is open to Masters and Masters Novices. All events are refereed by USRA officials and the race course is controlled by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. For more entry information, visit RegattaCentral.

Our regatta site, Rocketts Landing, has been in use since 1730, when Robert Rockett operated a ferry here across the James River. In 1816, Rocketts Landing hosted the first steamboat to reach Richmond. During the Civil War, Rocketts landing was an integral part of the Confederate Navy Yard. In April, 1865, after the fall of the City, President Lincoln landed at Rocketts Landing and walked to downtown Richmond. The Virginia Boat Club has rowed from Rocketts Landing since 1987, although, our presence on the river has a much longer history.

Spectators can watch the crews battle upstream over the 1000 meter course by standing by the Intermediate Terminal dock or on the banks of the Virginia Boat Club and Rocketts Landing site at 4708 Old East Main Street.

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